Pixarra Newsletter 2016

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That was a terrific letter Ken.  We can keep using our open studio though?   I hope, as if not I have to go and rescue many tbr file pics out of there.  OK -  I think I know what the answer is, it's just not available to download anymore for new people, right?

lol  Rob

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the feedback!  Yes of course Open Studio can still be used it is just not available on the website and brush sets are not sold for it anymore. 



What would happen if you were incapacitaed in such a way that you couldn't look after your Tb anymore Ken?  :)  Rob

Better to keep me healthy!   :)


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Well you do that Ken!!! haha

Ken glad to see twistedbrush back love the new Website and thank you for country kitty being one of the 48 artists. now I need to find the time to paint and post new work. Mary/country kitty
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