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This site is inappropriate for the product.

 This Website relates to an Incredible Graphic Design Program. One that even poor starving artists can afford. Yet it has black bold headers, brown underlines & dull blue lettering. Pretty well identical to my Banking Website. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! .... anyone else have the guts to agree?

Cheers, SG

I am forced to agree with stillgolfing completely.

Unfortunately the new website isn't convenient for me.
Not convenient navigation on a forum (Even if I know what information well I look for)

On the first (the main place) information of one-time application is located.
I.e. as soon as I "Purchase and Upgrades" to me on the website becomes inconvenient and uncomfortable at once.

For me there are only two incentives to visit this site:
my longtime love to TwistedBrush and
my great respect for K.Carlino

(If I was asked: what to do?
I would answer: to address services of specialized advertizing / marketing studio)



Stillgolfing and Surov, 

Please clarify if you refer to the website or the support center

Thank you for your feedback.


I was referring to the support site. Your Link to pixarra (like all links presented here) gives the usual Mozilla Security warning, I have noted in an earlier ticket, and a google search for pixarra gets me pages of Turkish hackers trying to sell me a cheap copy. So I still have no Idea what the Current Pixarra site looks like.


I refer to the


Stillgolfing, regarding link errors. I don't see this and haven't heard it reported from anyone else. Google main search result for Pixarra is as below and the main link loads the main site as expected. Some of the sub-pages might not be updated from Google robots yet.


Regarding what google determines as best fit beyond that companies have limited control over. 



After a bit of testing as I use Firefox and hadn't ran into any error messages. I think he's running an addon that's forcing the HTTPS versions of the site which show that the SSL certification is not configured properly and is getting the error message: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names:,,,,,, Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

If you need help with setting up and getting a SSL the EFF runs a free service you can use:

Thanks for the info SNM. Yes that is correct is not intended to be accessed via https.


Hi Surov,

If you just go to you will be presented the primary support portal. If you are interested in the forum only just go to directly. Or you can press the Forum tab. Both give you the forum focused view.



Google Search worked OK today. Got identical view as you provided above.
From SNM's info it looks like there is nothing I can do about the provided "links" error message. The noted program appears to be for website providers.
The only add on I use is Norton Safe Search. It has not created any "Link" issues on other Websites I visit that I am aware of. Until I visited Pixarra support 2 days ago I had never seen the Mozilla Error message.


Just to clarify, if you manually enter into your browsers address (URL) field:


You give a secure connection warning?

what about:

If the problem only happens when you click on links you might want to clear your browser history and cache and see if that corrects the issue.



Ken ..NO! To Clarify & update "Link" issue:
 I was originally mistakenly clicking on the "Link" that shows up in your responses in the "Ticket" threads. This was before your delayed e-mail notifications showed up this a,m, So now it is mainly about your Link back to your response that you have provided in the e-mail notifications. Those links give the previously noted Mozilla Error message.
I will clear browser history & cache as you suggest & get back to you.
Sorry about the confusion, Thanks.


Thanks for the clarification. I have found the issue in the support ticket email notification link back and corrected it. Future email notifications will have the correct URL for the ticket.


Yeah, the movement in the right direction ...
However, the hand of professionals isn't visible yet...

Happy New Year!


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