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trying to download an old pic

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HELP I don't know where to go.  Have tried all sorts of things. It's probably very simple.

Thanks anyone, everyone,

love to all



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Thanks, I guess  just had to persevere.


Congratulations Vivienne! Very nice fancy fish too! 


well done Vivienne great pic and glad you persevered


Thank you both  Ken and Dave for your encouragement. Always appreciated.


I remember it well Vivienne.  S/he's a real cutie.  I remember all oldies when I see them so haven't lost my memory entirely as yet, but names of things escape me, such as...   is this called a doodle or a ???  something starting with z or y   ...  Can't remember the name you called it last time.  :) :)  I always remember the name of this insect below as I spent most of my days so scared of them...  Weta !!   lol   Rob 

(44.2 KB)

Thanks Robyn, It is actually a Zentangle or Tangle for short.

All your comments are appreciated.


This is one scary little critter Robyn. I enlarged it and shuddered. lol


LOL  it's quite big actually Viv,  some are much bigger, like ginormous!    They used to come in the house and you'd wake up to see one on the ceiling.  horrors!  :) :) :)  Rob



Scary stuff, I would have to get out of the house as I would NOT be able to


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