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trying out leaf brushes


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Very nice looking! It's a new brush?


Thanks ken ....well sort of but more of a tweak on an old leaf brush.... 


Looks good  Dave.  The leaves stand out and being all different shapes it looks a s though they are being moved about by a breeze. The orange goes so well with those tones of green.  :) Rob

Thanks Rob the codes are in the brush share 


Really nice--great tones and depth. 

I love the natural look of your beautiful bush. Great work with the leaf brushes. Will have to try it out. Vivienne

Thanks Vivienne thought I'd get things started in this forum

This new site needs to be fully supported by the members if it's to grow ,flourish and effectively replace the old pixarra site I know you and rob will do your wonderful supportive roles with your encouraging comments to everyone as you did of old... but you still need things to comment on lI really  hope it picks up after the hols

cheers take care Dave

Thanks Dave for your kind words. I agree we all need to pull together to make this new site beneficial for everyone and also a big thanks to Ken who is also going to need all our support.



Thanks Dave. Nice brushes. Cool codes.


I just discovered this new site and have started to paint again.  I have to say I love the changes I've discovered but I find I'm having to learn a lot of things over again....especially the brushes and how to get the effects I want.  I hope to post a painting if I can paint one worthy..  Lol  There are some great paintings since I've posted.  Some very good artists too.  I look forward to getting involved again. 

Hi Jewel!  Lovely to see you again.  I'm glad you've found the time and started painting again. I'll look forward to your art as I know you can do it!  ✿(◠‿◠)  Robyn

Hi Jewel, look forward to seeing your work soon.


Your all so good in here you scare me lol so professional!

I love the look of your leaf/ brushes♥

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