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Sky Dancing Two

My first drag and drop seemed to take and then disappear.   Will try again, fingers crossed.



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Hi There,

Success at last - hope you all like it.   I had to press "Save" it's always the obvious things one misses.   Grrrh!

Cheers Isla 

hehe  The ropes will be learned Isla. As always a lovely composition and I like the waviness of what looks like sand dunes but could be water waves or air waves. Either way there is freedom in sky dancing by the looks of these two.   Enjoy your holiday in the "sun"!    :) Rob 


Interesting to look at...yep the adding of images is much easier than the old gallery


Love your sky dancers Isla. They could be floating/dancing on waves or soft floaty clouds. I am so happy you got successful in your download. Lovely to see your work in the new set up. Vivienne

I like your work as always.


Thanks everyone for your comments.   I haven't had much time to do artwork of this kind for a while but am sure will be at it again in the future.

Cheers Isla

That is good!


Thanks Thomas - glad you liked it.   Cheers Isla



Hi Gabby,

Many thanks for your comments.   Good to see on you the new site.

Cheers Isla 

Hello Isla, I guess you could say I'm the new kid on the block lol (KID) who am I kidding♥

I love what you've done it looks hard how you got them dancing and their positioned so perfect  very different and interesting♥

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