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Book Page revision history and/or More tbr backups

 Well last night was way more dramatic then I would have liked...

After a couple of very quick and sudden blackouts my wife was crying her eyes out at the loss of the painting she had been working on for weeks.

Some how the page got cleared and TB saved over it a blank document the most recent .tbr.bk was empty I tried doing a deleted file recovery, however TB doesn't just delete it's files when writing new ones it actually overwrites them directly on the HDD meaning they had been completely destroyed beyond any hope of recovery. Using forensic tools I was only able to recovery very tiny fragments (less then 5%). (of course I could find dozens of copies of other art work that had been overwritten in other art programs so this seems to be rather unique to TB.)

Due to the fact that hard drive space is so plentiful now days I would practically like to bag for the feature to allow a much larger number of tbr backups/revisions per book page. For my own art I am like any professional I religiously save external revisions of my art in progress every 15~30mins. However people like my wife who paint just to relieve stress simply never remember. I had told her many times in the past to save external revisions...

In defense of this feature request besides the above plea I'd like to point out that the major art program I use Clip Studio Paint has this feature, every time a file would be overwritten it saves a backup of the original into a data backup folder with a time stamp placed in front of it eg: 20161231001309FileName.ext

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Sounds like a good idea. Most of the software I have used in design has the 'save copy' option which will save both the current file and a copy in a specified folder at the same time.


In version 23.02 this will be addressed.

Improved - 4 additional backup versions of each page will now be saved. (.bak1, .bak2, .bak3 and .bak4). These are only manually accessible from the Windows File Explorer.


Very much appropriated you truly do have my deepest gratitude on this one.
Good move Ken.
Just one thought this morning (GMT that is)
I not a great fan of floating dialog boxes and when a box is docked it remains docked as I like to find everything where I leave it. The only dialog I would like a change to is the brush or artset box. Would a slimmer, horror of horrors, floating, scrollable version be possible that does sit in your face and cover-up your artwork?
All the best for Xmas


Hi Derek,

Are you referring to the shortcut brush panel that sits on the right or the popup Brush selection dialog?


1. Brush Shortcuts

2. Select Brush dialog

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas too!


Hi Ken
Number 2 but I see the problem now. If this pop-up could disappear after you select the brush-set which could be a scrollable dialog it might be what I have in mind.
Hope you understand.
All the best

Hi Derek,

Yes think i understand what you are looking for.  A floating scrolling panel of brushes in the current ArtSet. Please correct me if I am wrong. I will open as a new post since the topic of this post is already flagged as implemented.


Sounds just about right


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