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TB Pro Studio Text Brushes

 Hi Ken,

23 October 2016 ceodau wrote:
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It has been some time since I have used the "text brushes".  I have started a new project which requires text.  However, I have encountered a problem.  My text brush, when painting the text, shows a vertical black line between each word ?? I visited the User Guide and also noticed there are 9 options in the brush control.  My text brushes in that Art Pro set only have 6 options in brush control. Is there someone who can help me resolve this issue? (I am using TB Pro Studio Version 23.)

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I join the Sena and confirm the existence of the problem.


(16.9 KB)

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Using v23.01 on win64


The issue with text brushes has been replicated and will be researched and fixed in the next release.


This is fixed and will be available in 23.02.

Fixed - The space character was not working for Text brushes 

I had almost forgotten how powerful the text brushes are!


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