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How to convert a shape brush?

I see lots of old photoshop brush sets, if I wanted to bring them into TB, how would I do it? What size should I make the image for making a brush with it? They'd be a ton more fun in TB...I have a copy of Elements and Gimp so I can open them and use them to make an image. I am talking about the ones that work like an image stamp.

I seem to be having a problem figuring out how to save images on a transparent layer in Elements and import the image into TwistedBrush. I think once I get it imported I can use it to save the images as clips. I tried saving as a png without interlacing and it said I had to save as a copy and when I try to import into TB, nothing seems to happen.


Got the picture imported, now I am trying to figure out how to get it clipped. It shows up on a white background. Off to study the manual... I'll probably figure it out before long. Sorry.


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Okay, I got it! The process is really easy and quick to do. Now if I want to make an image bank of swirly photoshop brushes, I can. I love how easy it is to resize and rotate them with the paste option once they are on the clipboard. The directions were really clear, I just forgot to select the right layer and got the copy and paste tools mixed up at first.


Hi Rita,

Glad you were able to figure it out and faster than I could respond.


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