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Gallery Archive

The collection of over 8000 user images uploaded to the previous Pixarra forum/gallery can be access from the Pixarra website 



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Mine's not there Ken.  Rob

Yes they are Rob they are not in alphabetical order just scroll down and yours are there


Oh, thanks Dave, and iI did run my eyes down the list as well.  A lot of them are in sequence. :) Rob.

I have grouped the galleries with the use of __ (double underscore) and _ (single underscore) to bring more attention to the galleries that show better. Other than that within those groupings they should be alphabetical.. 


It's good that it's simply alphabetical in one segment now Ken. I can see why with the addition of the latest update in the featured area.  :) Rob.

Yes Rob after making a larger Highlighted Artists page and seemed like a good idea to make the full archive alphabetical. Thanks for your feedback!


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i could not even acces my account.. made a new one.. and i cannot find the gallery .. 

Hi murganmori.  The old accouints have all gone.


Follow the link above. It takes you to several pages to get to the password page. i can't see any pictures there from you. 

Or see if the one below works for you.

This one  is on the main website page under "Gallery"

My regards, Robyn


Thank you so much for doing this, Ken. I am glad we can still get to our online artwork.


hi, last week i lost everything and am trying to re-coup...i think i had a programme from you, if so, how may i have it back...sorry to be a 

Hi Joy,

Sorry to hear you lose your installation. Please use the open a ticket here or email me us with your email address that you used at the time of purchase.


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