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Happy Winter


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Ahhhh! It worked! Yay! Thanks, Ken, this is actually much easier than the old way.

Very pretty! Great to hear it was easy for you!


That's a lovely bird Rebecca, and  a lovely message.  

I never had any problems posting pictures, simply browse in your folders?  How did you post this one? I keep seeing the words drag and drop here and there, but can't find anything about the subject.  I'm not being mean, I just want to know...  lol   Robyn

I dragged the file directly from windows explorer to the comment area and it appeared et voila!

Thanks muchly Rebecca.  Someone is trying that for their avatar and it's not working. I will have a shot at it.  :)

I like this a lot Rebecca. Your little bird is so beautiful. Vivienne

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very good Rebecca I like it a lot


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Nice work.


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