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Posting Guidelines and Tips

This is a section where you can share your TwistedBrush creations with others. Here are a few guidelines.

  • If you want your images to appear inline in the message use the drag and drop feature. This makes it quite easy to post images. (Easier than the previous gallery)
  • Please keep images at most 1200x900.
  • There is no need to post all your old images here unless there is a special reason to post specific older images. We are attempting to host all the old gallery images elsewhere.

NOTE: Images shared in this forum may be selected as highlighted images and flow into the Pixarra social media channels (Instagram, twitter and facebook). Consider it the revised Picture of the Day feature. Additionally the images select will appear in the Recent Gallery Hightlights page on the Pixarra website 


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To get your images directly in a message post there are two options:

- From a file use the Windows File Explorer and drag the file into the message area of the forum post. 

- Use Windows copy and paste. It can't get much easier than this. Copy into your clipboard while in TwistedBrush and Paste right into the forum message post. 



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I never ever found the old way difficult at all Ken, but making it easy for everyone is great, including for you as I read somewhere that it confused you a bit.   Anything for an easier life I reckon.   :)   BTW, that link above doesn't work.  Rob

Thanks I have now updated the link. I'm made a few updates to the website and permalinks but had failed to updated recent postings using those links.


Accidentally loaded a large file.. Any ways to delete the post?

It's only possible for a moderator/admin to delete a post. Let's leave this one.

Thanks for the note!


Ken, I can't work out how to post new work in the gallery. I've been quite ill, I can't remember how to do it! please help me

hi jack, Would the below pictures help?  it's a new website so it's not you forgetting at all. Robyn  :)

go to the bottom picture first, it's pointing you to the top of this page we are on.



it's important to slide your picture across. If you do it in the "old fashioned" way it will show as a little thumbnail, and then people have to click on a link to see your picture. :)

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