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old picture

trying out the new site with an old picture

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strange it comes up so small ...but you have to click on the name at the side of the image to enlarge NOT the thumbnail I've just found out by trial and error


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Maybe that happens when it's larger than a certain size. Other posts in this section showed the images inline. 


Hi Dave,

It appears the difference is if you attach the file it will appear as yours does...with a link. However, if you drag an image from file explorer right into the edit area then the image will appear inline. 


It's a beautiful scene though Dave. Gorgeous with all those flowers in the forest.

thanks Ken for clarification

thanks bobbity


I really like this a lot Dave . Beautiful woods to walk through,very romantic. Vivienne

thanks Vivienne 

Nice. Looks French.


The colors are awesome great job! ♥I'm new here do we vote ? ♥

Hi Evelyn!  Welcome to TB!  Were you in the old gallery as well,   as we had an Eve there???  You can vote if you like, no one has to though.    Robyn.  *♫♪♥

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Really nice piece of work. Very impressed said  a month ago-( it's late answering you )Sorry but I didn't see your message  when you asking if I was in the old gallery meaning did I put one of the pictures up  the answer is no I haven't I did make  comments though , I'm still trying to learn how to navigate ☻

I'm not even sure if I address people by the sign name or like yours you signed Robyn is this alright :?

(232 KB)

OOPS it happened to mine also all I see is the tiny one 

I know I'm new here and I hope it's alright to put some feedback

 if it's not yell at me lol

I think it would be helpful if  we could just click on the persons name answer them back.. I noticed none are linked :Now how do I delete my picture please"

Alright it is showing up at the correct size I hope someone likes it !

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