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Hide empty pages in books & Add a new page button

 I'd like to request the option to hide empty pages in books, and to add a "add new page to book" button in the tool bar.

I have many books that are over 400 pages now and it can be quite time consuming to find the next empty page.

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A great idea. Vivienne
Perhaps, but only optionally.


Would be a great improvement over the current system. I stop using books and make new ones after they get too full of because it becomes to much of a pain to find the next blank page.


Not sure if this is a fitting solution but there is the Auto-Arrange feature already. In the Page Explore in the Book menu. This will move all the pages with data to the front, all empty pages to the back of the book.


 This is probably a totally crazy idea, but I just had it well trying to find a empty page my self and just giving up and dragging the scroll bar to some random place and then using the Auto-arrange feature to make sure it wasn't lost in the middle of no where forever.

What if you had a button or menu option that just moved an empty page to beside the current select page, or possibly better yet just moved it to the first slot of the book. If you did it the latter way then it would also have the cool side effect of allowing people to make books that progressed backwards eg: Newest to oldest as they worked.

Sounds like a good idea. Perhaps in the Page menu in the Page Explorer.  "Move Selected Page to the front". 

Maybe an easy enough feature to add. I will investigate it. Of course let me now if I didn't get the main point of what you would like to do. 


Coming in 23.04

Added - Move Page to Page 1 added as a menu item in Page Explorer.



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