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Vector drawing tools

 Moving some old feature requests over so they don't get 100% lost. :D

Seems like this was a request I made a very long time ago, but it's still very much valid as it's a very highly sought after feature for many users bases.

Having vector layers/tools for clean line work is a corner stone for many Manga/Anime/Comic/Layout/Design...etc artist.

The complexity of the vector tools dose not need to be on the same level of Illustrator, or inkscape. Though given it's powerful dab style engine TB could do some amazing things if it used a vector system similar to Clip Paint Studio. (eg: Drawing brush dabs along an edible vector path. Which gives you the ability to have the benefits of the precise long term editing potential of vector paths/lines with the visual look/result of a raster graphic.)

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I agree with SNM.

2012 May. Ken Wilson and Surov wrote:

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Hi, Ken.

I, too, am so grateful for the 19.01 version and the new Bezier Tool.
Along the lines of Surov's request, could these curves be saved not as a Clip necessarily,
but as a numeric format file (such as SVG)
that is compatible with TB and able to be imported/accessed back into TB?
The reason I suggest a numeric format is that it is smaller than image format files.
And, if possible, provide both format possibilities when saving such Bezier Curves?
Thanks for considering this and all the good work you do.

Ken Wilson
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1) Actually Clips bank is only the container
which in principle can contain data of any format.
I think that there are no obstacles to store  vector (numeric) clips in the Clips bank.
I like idea to store paths vector in the Clip bank because
Clip bank allows quickly and to address operatively to bank contents.

2) I, also, absolutely agrees with Ken W that import/export of to EPS, SVG... - it would be very desirable.
But it will make sense after addition of base editing tools - transformations.

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Since then, much has changed for me:
Added - Load and Save functionality added to the Bezier Curve tool.

Bezier curves allow me to create or alter a frame in 5 seconds,
They allow me to apply a lot of very specialized processings of the image which I find it difficult to describe here.
But this is not enough.

Example of a frame (by Bezier Curve tool) to the attached.



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