Welcome to Our New Support Center and Forum

We are migrated our old forum to this new Support Center and Community.

This will feature the ability to create problem tickets, search the new knowledge base and discuss with other users on the forum.

At first this area will will be somewhat empty but in time as more knowledge base articles are written and more users post in the forum it will grow.

Unfortunately the old forum topics will not be migrated here.

The Pixarra gallery will be retired, at least in it's current form. The forum here will have a section for sharing your artwork but they will be as forum topics and not presented as a gallery. The ability to share artwork may be expanded here or moved to a dedicated location in the future. The good news is that it is quite easy to add images to forum posts, easier than the old forum system.

We realize this move may strongly impact some long time users that contribute heavily to the previous forum and spend a lot of time there, however, we feel this move will give the best support for the larger Pixarra user base.

Thank you!


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 Thanks, bobbity!

Thought it was probably something along those lines.  I was just concerned because Ken usually responds almost before I hit "submit".

It's all good.  thanks again.

JD Trompeter

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You are welcome!  As well, I think he's always busy updating his art programs and making changes, improvements etc, but as you say JD, he used to be on board quickly. maybe there is a slow receiving of the messages at his end of things. The message that tells you it's being processed is an automated response and is pretty much instant, but it could be more complicated for him to receive it. :)

Hi JD,

Very sorry for the delay. I have responded to the ticket you opened now. 


Do I need to create a new account? I have been unable to login with my user name and password. Instead. I had to use my google account.

Yes you do Ben or you can keep using your google a/c. If you create a new a/c  ignore the request for your full name as you don't have to do that unless you want to. It's just that Ken can't change the red asterixed fields. :) Robyn 

PS unless you mean that you have already created an a/c on this website and you can't log in here?  or did you mean your old login from the old site ...

Yes. I was referring to my old login from the other site. Thank you.


Hi Ken,

1) http://support.pixarra.com/support/profile/edit
Manage your profile...
- Can't change photo

2) My images are displayed as thumbnails... why??



Hi Surov,

Perhaps it's your browser. When you posed an image did you select a file to upload or did you paste or drag-n-drop the image into the message edit area?


I select a file to upload.
(+ Attach a file)



Hi Surov,

You can do two other options that are often easier and will also result in your image shown in the message.

1. Drag the file from Windows File Explorer right into the message edit area where you type.


2. From within a TwistedBrush program use menu  Edit | Copy Merged

and then in your forum message box press Ctrl+V to paste.


Hi Ken,

But my avatar?




What happens when you try to change avatar?  I seem to recall this topic was discussed previously. Does anyone recall if it was resolved?


Found! In the same topic "Welcome to Our New Support Center and Forum" :)

Isla wrote:
" ...I found I was doing everything right (although nothing seemed to change)
and found once I had either pressed open or dragged and dropped
I had to press "accept changes" then everything magically appeared"

Edit profile > Change photo...
Select file...
Click [Save Changes] --- !




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