Welcome to Our New Support Center and Forum

We are migrated our old forum to this new Support Center and Community.

This will feature the ability to create problem tickets, search the new knowledge base and discuss with other users on the forum.

At first this area will will be somewhat empty but in time as more knowledge base articles are written and more users post in the forum it will grow.

Unfortunately the old forum topics will not be migrated here.

The Pixarra gallery will be retired, at least in it's current form. The forum here will have a section for sharing your artwork but they will be as forum topics and not presented as a gallery. The ability to share artwork may be expanded here or moved to a dedicated location in the future. The good news is that it is quite easy to add images to forum posts, easier than the old forum system.

We realize this move may strongly impact some long time users that contribute heavily to the previous forum and spend a lot of time there, however, we feel this move will give the best support for the larger Pixarra user base.

Thank you!


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i'm glad it's you Ken and not me.  We've only just entered our nice warm summer recently. Summer flowers are out...  yay

I saw snow only once for 5 minutes Isla, and it was so blinding!!!    I made a snow ball and threw it and then we went home to the non blinding farmlet we were staying at.  lol   i'll stick to the non snowing places .   :) Rob

Reminiscent of the GREAT SERVER CRASH that happened several years ago.   Feels odd starting over again.


Hi Sandra,

However, this time it was intended. :)


Just got the notification for the new site.
I hate to be the Grinch @ this time of year but this looks like a super mess to me. Where do I go to see what members are chatting about. I saw a sidebar with some most recent topics but what if I would like to see all Topics? This is SOOOOO NOT  USER FRIENDLY.!! What here mimics the old Forum?
Thanks, stillgolfing.


Hi Stillgolfing, 

Thanks for your feedback but sorry you find this location a (super) mess. Perhaps if you keep in mind the goal of this move was not to recreate a user community which was seeing less activity from members in recent years but to focus on allowing Pixarra to support the larger base of customers in an effective manner. There are features that are here to help with this. First is the Ticket system This is the best way to get support now where users can open tickets, get notification that the ticket was received and progress can be tracked both by the customer and Pixarra. The integrated Knowledge Base is a secondary source of information. We have had an FAQ but it was in the Help system pages and tended to not get updates often. Hopefully with the integration of the tickets, forum and knowledge base important information can be shared more easily. Within the forum from the feature perspective it is not as robust as the old forum, however, also there is the ability for Pixarra to better track forum topics and mark them as resolved and users to vote on them. The gallery is the biggest change since there is not a presentation in the same format as before, however, sharing images is possible and getting feedback on posted images. In fact since it's only in the forum it can be argued that it is possible to get better more trackable feedback. Missing is the ability for uses to direct message each other. 

One more point about the gallery. The previous gallery system while the presentation was nice it was not easy to post images and I personality always found it confusing. Sharing image in the forum here is as simple and copy (from TwistedBrush) and paste right into the forum message. 

All new things take time to get used to. This support system in use here (freshdesk) is used but nearly 80k businesses and I reviewed all the top systems and found this the best fit for Pixarra and the customer base. Hopefully in time it will feel as comfortable (even if not quite as personal) as the old forum.


Thanks for the quick response Ken. On a more positive note it only took me 1/2 an hour and 7 error 500 messages to finally find and view my archived gallery pics. I forget what the archive program was you chose (Book-sh*t or something), Couldn't you just Archive them Alphabetically in one set? Geez, it's like Windows 3.0 all over again! ;))
 Since the Archive is Multiple Alphabetic sets is  there a search feature by user name? I couldn't find one, SUPER ( I just love using that word) tedious to scroll through multiple sets of small alphabetical list to finally stumble on the one I am in.
Cheers, SG


Looking forward to the new forum Ken. Congratulations on setting it up and thanks for all of your efforts. Best Wishes.

I notice on each browser Explorer,  Google and Firerfox a different version of Pixarra.com shows up.  Google gives me the old site and so does Firefox.    But the new site I'm sure will be as appealing as the old one was within a few months. 

Hi Leighton, you most likely just need to clear your browser cache.


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