Welcome to Our New Support Center and Forum

We are migrated our old forum to this new Support Center and Community.

This will feature the ability to create problem tickets, search the new knowledge base and discuss with other users on the forum.

At first this area will will be somewhat empty but in time as more knowledge base articles are written and more users post in the forum it will grow.

Unfortunately the old forum topics will not be migrated here.

The Pixarra gallery will be retired, at least in it's current form. The forum here will have a section for sharing your artwork but they will be as forum topics and not presented as a gallery. The ability to share artwork may be expanded here or moved to a dedicated location in the future. The good news is that it is quite easy to add images to forum posts, easier than the old forum system.

We realize this move may strongly impact some long time users that contribute heavily to the previous forum and spend a lot of time there, however, we feel this move will give the best support for the larger Pixarra user base.

Thank you!


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Thanks Ken.  Will patiently wait to how the new site develops. Appreciate your hard work and also know that it will take time to iron out all the glitches.


Thanks for the feedback! 


It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds Ken.  :) Rob

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Looking forward to the move Ken, things are looking good so far !

Thanks for your feedback Larry!


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I like the look of the new website. Dynamic and fresh. 

Thanks for your feedback Rebecca!


Hi Ken,

Good luck with new Website.   Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.   I wish you every success with it - and I wish all the Twisted Brush Members every success with it as well.  

Cheers Isla

Hi Ken Again,

How do I post my ID photo - have tried copy and paste - no luck.   Have gone to profile page and tried to replace photo - no luck.   Help!!!   See everyone else has managed - must be simple but I just haven't figured it yet???

Cheers Isla

Hi Isla,

In the profile edit page you can do it. There is a link at the upper right. Here is a direct link: 



Hi Ken and Rob,

Thanks for your emails regarding my difficulties in placing my ID photo in.   I found I was doing everything right (although nothing seemed to change) and found once I had either pressed open or dragged and dropped I had to press "accept changes" then everything magically appeared - as you can see now.   And Rob as I cannot contact you any longer on other website - you will see I now only have my first name appearing - thanks for advice.   Hear it is extremely cold in Chicago right now my sympathy on that hope you and family are coping OK with it all - quite a contrast to here where it is warm and sunny with beautiful clear blue skies.   I wish all the Twisted Brush Members - both old and new the very best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

Cheers Isla 

That's great Isla, I can see you better now  lol  

Who's in Chicago?  :)  Rob.

I'm in Chicago and yes very cold the last couple of days. 


I think you have the answer Rob from Ken.   I made that comment in the wrong place.   Maybe it would be nice for you to be in Chicago Rob so you could have a White Christmas??   What do you think?   Hahaahaa!!

Cheers Isla 

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